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Episode 24: Times are Changing

With Thanksgiving behind us, and Christmas coming up quickly, I take a brief moment to update everyone on new things in my life as well as changes to be coming for this show in 2019. From self-promotion to statewide chaos, and everything in between, this episode highlights the key topics for me these past two weeks.

Episode 23: Life is Not a Marathon

In what could be considered the most emotional episode to date, I reflect on my life, recent career trajectory, and future expectations. While I reveal and vent about many current and past frustrations, I also share some hope and optimism for the upcoming years.

Episode 22: B-Roll

A couple weeks ago, Pallavi and I tried to stay on topic about tips for adulting. Every now and then we went off topic, so here is all the salvageable audio from our recording when we couldn’t stay focused, including a nice diatribe from Pallavi’s roommate Cindy.

Episode 21: We Are Busy Adulting

This week, Pallavi returns to the podcast as we stay on topic (as much as we can) about “adulting”, and transitioning from college to the real world, and strategies to help with that. Listen in to perhaps our most thought out episode and see what pieces of advice you can take away for yourself.

Episode 20: Our Patronuses

This week, I am joined by my friend Danny as we discuss the perils of drunk driving, he gives the listeners an audio tour of my room, and we discover what our patronuses would be if they were to exist.

Episode 19: So Serious

This week, Brenda returns to the show and we discuss comedians, politics in entertainment, how to not take yourself so seriously, and how to reach out to friends we haven’t talked to in a while.

Episode 17 – New Content Coming Soon

This week, I am going it alone once more, and updating you listeners on a lot of personal projects. This episode features some content to be on the lookout for in the coming weeks, as well as using this very platform to try out some ideas I’ve been knocking about for a while.

Episode 16 – Actually Serious

This week, Danny and I continue our conversations from last week, only this time we’re a bit more serious. We talk about acting, his path of recovery, and make a bunch of references we hope the other person knows.

Episode 15 – #TooManyBodies

This week, I am joined by my good friend Danny as we discuss serious topics like drugs and alcohol, living situations, and how to start conversations. But we also keep it light with ridiculous topics such as weed whacker attacks, making fun of our friends, and trying to get sponsored by A&W.