Monthly Archives: May 2019

Season 2 Episode 11 – How to Fix the NBA

This week is just one long tip. With Memorial Day Weekend behind us, and the NBA Finals in front, it’s time to address something that’s bothered me for years: how do you make the NBA entertaining?

Also, in show-related news, this show will now be released on a bi-weekly schedule. So expect to receive your regular doses of tips and tidbits now every two weeks instead of every week.

Season 2 Episode 10 – Graduation Advice

This week I am joined for the first time by my good friend Harold Kast. With graduation for other USC students having just passed this Friday, we take time to sit down and reflect on our own journeys through the university, how our paths have led us to our current moments, and where we plan to keep moving forward. Plus, we get a little bit of beard etiquette advice from Harold, so have a listen and enjoy!

Season 2 Episode 9 – Middle School Trauma

This week, I’m joined again by Danny and Keeley as we discuss traumatic PE exercises in middle school, how to apply them to real life today, and the joy of going to a Renaissance Faire. Also, we try to guess what measles are like and end up completely wrong, so do not quote us on anything medical.