Episode 13: The Steve Jobs Story

Episode 13 is now available! This week I am joined by my father, and we talk about my childhood versus his, the importance of education, the different lifestyles around the country, and also I get him to share one of his brilliant stories about working with Steve Jobs.

One thought on “Episode 13: The Steve Jobs Story

  1. Hi Michael-You probably don’t remember me, but I’m a friend of your mom and dad’s. When you were very young I used to come to CA to visit your parents and take care of you and your brothers so your parents could get away. I saw the link to your podcast on your dad’s FB feed. I really, really enjoyed it! I can relate to your experience of growing up away from extended family and living a lifestyle that’s very different from the cousins in a location that’s also very different from that of your cousins. For many years I too would return for the annual family reunion -in my case-West Virginia and how it was always a big deal to the relatives that my family and I came to town. I also remember the very, very long hours your dad worked, and the conversations I used to have with your parents about their thoughts of raising you and your brothers with the affluence surrounding you. Knowing your parents, grandparents, and Aunt Angela, you and your brothers had the best of all worlds and influences in your life. Your mom is a great mother, a great friend, and a great daughter. Your dad has always been a loyal friend and committed family man. Regardless of what career path you and your brothers follow, all three of you can be considered successful if you adopt the same character traits of your parents! Good luck!

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